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What is a tower crane?


What is a tower crane?A tower crane is a jib or boom crane mounted on a tower structure, demountable or permanent, including both horizontal and luffing jib types. To be competent to operate a crane the person should be able to: Assess and secure equipment and work area Secure and transfer load Set up and dismantle mobile or tower cranes Carry out special operations with mobile or tower cranes The tower crane is a modern form of balance crane. Fixed to the ground (and sometimes attached to the sides of structures as well), tower cranes often give the best combination of height and lifting capacity and are used in the construction of tall buildings. The jib (colloquially, the 'boom') and counter-jib are mounted to the turntable, where the slewing bearing and slewing machinery are located. The counter-jib carries a counterweight, usually of concrete blocks, while the jib suspends the load from the trolley. The Hoist motor and transmissions are located on the mechanical deck on the counter-jib, while the trolley motor is located on the jib. The crane operator either sits in a cabin at the top of the tower or controls the crane by radio remote control from the ground. In the first case the operator's cabin is most usually located at the top of the tower attached to the turntable, but can be mounted on the jib, or partway down the tower. The lifting hook is operated by using electric motors to manipulate wire rope cables through a system of sheaves. In order to hook and unhook the loads, the operator usually works in conjunction with a signaller (known as a 'rigger' or 'swamper'). They are most often in radio contact, and always use hand signals. The rigger directs the schedule of lifts for the crane, and is responsible for the safety of the rigging and loads. A tower crane is usually assembled by a telescopic jib (mobile) crane of greater reach (also see "self-erecting crane" below) and in the case of tower cranes that have risen while constructing very tall skyscrapers, a smaller crane (or derrick) will often be lifted to the roof of the completed tower to dismantle the tower crane afterwards. It is often claimed that a large fraction of the tower cranes in the world are in use in Dubai. The exact percentage remains an open question.

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